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We would not be able to provide outreach and support to our community without donations from people like you. We sincerely thank you for your generosity.

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"On behalf of the Clinical Resource Office, I would like to thank you all again for including our PSA’s. I am sure they will be very appreciative of this gift from James Cole Foundation. "

- Virginia Harville, RN BSN from Henry Ford Hospital
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"Thank you for your generous gift of: 80 Dinners for Citizens (Savanah Blue) which we received on April 24, 2021. Through gifts like yours, the greatest needs of families that come through out doors are met. COTS helps people develop the skills and confidence they need to be economically self-sufficient and to live independently. We appreciate you and hope that you will continue to partner with us."

- Cheryl P. Johnson Chief Executive Officer
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"Wow! Thank you so much!!!! Our Young people will benefit from this donation. Thanks so much! "

- Sherelle Hogan Founder & CEO Pure Heart Foundation

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